5 Ways to Teach Kids about Festivals
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5 Ways to Teach Kids about Festivals

Are you confused about how to help today's child have strong cultural roots? You could teach them about festivals! This seems to be hard, but it's very easy if you use the opportunity of celebration to their learning advantage. India is known for its diverse culture, so traditions and rituals should be taught to children through festivities to make them understand their importance. Festivities and holidays have diminished in value in the present time. The teaching of festivals to children is now a necessary task, to help them remain grounded, respect each other without discrimination and value the rich heritage our country holds.

ICSE, IB, IGCSE, and CBSE schools all emphasize the importance of connection with culture, both their own and other cultures, according to early childhood practitioners

To teach children about festivals, here are 5 ways:

Traditions and rituals

No matter what festival it is, some rituals are commonly done. Whether it’s Diwali, Janmashtami, Dussehra, Eid, Christmas, Onam, or any other festival, some basic rituals and traditions for each festival make the occasion familiar and a time for families and friends to come together. It is because of these traditions and rituals that every festival is unique in its way.

Story Telling

Every festival has a story with a moral that teaches many values and ethics to students. These stories are the best about teaching kids about festivals, the meaning behind them as well as their morals.

Almost every story teaches us to be true and compassionate towards each other.


At every festival, there’s always a special set of dishes or a dish that has a huge importance on that day. Getting kids involved while cooking different dishes and sweets can be very beneficial as they can be helpful in the process and learn how to work collaboratively giving them a sense of belonging.

Traditional dresses

Let kids have fun wearing all the traditional attires and pieces of jewellery while celebrating festivals!. Mainly traditional dresses are made with vibrant colored fabrics so letting them enjoy the beautiful attires can also be very cherishing moments for your kids. Additionally, explaining the reasons behind these can also teach kids the meaning behind the festivals as well as certain colours.

Festival Decoration

Cleaning and decorations are commonly associated with the celebration of festivals. This is also an opportunity to let kids get involved in these processes, the excitement of the festivities being a motivating factor. Decorating homes is a fun filled activity, with all the colours and different items used, children are given the chance to be creative and enjoy themselves!


Kids are curious about almost everything so letting them know about the festivals and their hidden meanings has become an exciting and important thing to do. The valuable skills kids learn from celebrating festivals help them to become responsible adults.

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