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Our vision is to raise, our ‘Premia Pride’ to live their dreams as a generation who are Resilient and Confident lifelong learners, Agile and authentic individuals, Innovative and intuitive changemakers, Socially responsible and humble global citizens, Empathetic and humane souls who uphold integrity above all.



We believe the world needs a progressive mindset, compassionate heart and an attitude that exudes peace. Making young learners embark on a journey which will bring about creativity and innovation, a sense of belonging, gratitude & feeling responsible for self & society. Building the nation and healing the world one child at a time is our endeavor.



We are a group of committed individuals who embody Integrity & Ingenuity, Energy & Efficiency, Compassion & Competence, Tolerance & Tenacity. Most of all we love our children, learning & life!

Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

We aim to provide children a holistic approach to learning.

We take pride in providing the best of facilities to our students, but it doesn’t end there. Teaching and learning are beyond books, beyond the four walls of a classroom, and beyond our imagination. It is a collective thought, inclusive pedagogy, and the common goal of a bright future for all.

We are a modern school with the belief that learning happens outside of the classroom as well - in the lunchrooms, the hallways, the open grounds, and as well as the sandpits. The provision of practicing different sports and art forms is the medium we choose to instill perseverance, determination, discipline - attributes that come from within. They are not treated as a ‘break from the monotony’ but in fact, a whole other learning experience in itself.

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Our Admission process is a seamless experience for both the parents and the children. We strive to set a selection standard that is fair and consistent.


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We the Premia Pride pledge to raise our children with Integrity, Resilience, Innovation, and Empathy! We’re fun, creative, dedicated, efficient and we love a good laugh. So if you love children, learning and life, welcome home.

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