Beyond Classroom

Beyond Classroom

At The Premia Academy, we build a strong foundation in learning by teaching through experience. Children engage in various activities and reflect on their work in order to absorb concepts, build a mental model and apply their learnings in an international or local setting. Our students at the Attapur campus learn through integrated methods that involve theoretical and activity based learning as well.

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We aim to provide children a holistic approach to learning. Teaching and learning are beyond books, beyond the four walls of a classroom, and beyond our imagination.


Premia Academy International School in Attapur offers more than just a sprawling campus. Providing the finest facilities to our students. Creating a bright future for all is a collective thought, an inclusive pedagogy, and a shared goal.


Our Admission process is a seamless experience for both the parents and the children. We strive to set a selection standard that is fair and consistent.


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