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Voice of Wisdom by next mile

A series of workshops to bring the best of the resources for socio-emotional development of our learners and as an initiative for parents and teachers.

The Student Empowerment Summit

An annual event to provide learners with the tools they'd need to make informed career choices by exposing them to global college representatives, keynotes, masterclasses and edutainment.

Premia Rocks

An initiative to enable learner to pick up one Research Project-Originality Task-Community Outreach-Kinesthetic Development Activity-Skill.

Praise a Pride

A student recognition initiative wherein the 'stars of the month' reward is awarded based on the 5cs - Cleanliness, Courtesy, Creativity, Communication And Camaraderie.

E4 Circuit

A research oriented initiative that allows for children to Explore, Express, Endure and Elevate through PBL and ideate for problems aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


A cultural and literary interschool fest that fosters international mindedness and sparks creativity in the young minds of Premia.


An initiative towards the well-being of our staff to improve and sustain work-life balance.

League of the Lions

The annual sports week which engages children in healthy competition and exposes them to the importance of sport, nutrition as well as health and wellness.


An initiative to facilitate the smooth acclimatization of learners and their family as they transition from one school to another.

Carnival of the Cubs

Held in honour of our heart and soul, our students, every Children's Day, we celebrate with carnival of sorts wherein the secondary students engage in event management.

The Premia Escapades

Children are given opportunities to go for excursions in order to understand the world around them 6 times and 4 times annually in the primary/middle years and secondary years respectively.

Premia Emprise

Engaged in various lifestyle improvement opportunities and internship programmes learners are exposed to the world of work and encouraged to explore independent living.

Student Enterprise

An all encompassing International programme which helps schools setup in house businesses that teach students business and entrepreneurial skills while generating income.

ACE Awards

In Honour Of Children Who Have Performed Exceptionally Well In Their Fields, The Awards For Academic Competence And Excellence Are Much A Deserved Recognition.

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We aim to provide children a holistic approach to learning. Teaching and learning are beyond books, beyond the four walls of a classroom, and beyond our imagination.


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