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Our quest for creating the perfect learning environment at school led to collaborating with a few organisations whose vision is aligned with ours. Each of the programs offered at school are well researched to cater to the needs of the current generation who require constant innovation. We at The Premia Academy combine ideologies and partnerships that are created on a trajectory to deliver nothing but the best!

Design Thinking

How do we help your child bring their ideas to life?
“The mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size.” Design thinking is implemented at Premia Academy in association with Creya during the child's growing years using the mantra-Define, Discover, Dream, Design, Deliver and Debrief to aid thinking critically, designing and innovating, and bringing their ideas to life!


How do we teach our children to be business minded?
“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” The A++ factors - Ask, Acquire, Analyze, Apply and Assess are the foundation of teaching Entrepreneurship at The Premia Academy! Developed by MetamorphosisEdu, this curriculum fosters leadership, risk taking, team building and being a responsible global citizen. Children use their skills to ideate, incubate and create business models.

Performing Art

Did you know that music training helps develop areas of reasoning and language training?
"Music is an inborn delight we all cherish; we just need a little push to realize this passion." In collaboration with Furtado School of Music, we give them the little push they need! Working to develop our children’s creative and response skills, we also expose them to various aspects of music. Music brings the world together, and enhances the cultural quotient of our children.

Literacy Based Curriculum

How do we create lifelong learners?
“Reading is not presented to our children as a chore, a duty. It is offered as a gift!” We got the best present we could find, the Scholastic Levelled Bookroom 4.0. The only school in Hyderabad to have a campus powered with over 6,200 texts, 240 books per level, 60 Short Reads per level and 24/7 digital access with the Leveled Bookroom Accelerator, we believe well developed literacy skills are the key to learning.

Ethics, Etiquette and Empathy

Swadhyay-The Experiential Awakening is a powerful tool built to nurture values, empower change, inculcate new habits, and to initiate a culture of innovation. These are the things that matter most in life. The future is more than we think. It is not just about being at the helm of a career, it is about how your presence makes a difference to the world and this programme is how we hone the necessary skills and knowledge within our children.

Games and Sports

How do we ensure our children stay fit?
“The world is full of players, be a game changer!” At the Premia Academy sports is a wholesome lesson in time management, self-discipline, focus, resilience and grit as they provide the spirit of competition in our students driving them to go the extra mile in other areas of their learning too. The sports program curated by our partner, Sports Village, facilitates students to respect rules while building self esteem & mental alertness to reduce stress and anxiety.

Sustainable Living

How do we encourage social responsibility?
"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." The program Avni, created by Rubaroo focuses on equipping children with the why and how of conscious living with the Intent to ensure that our economic, environmental & social necessities doesn’t compromise the hope of our future generations living in harmony with nature.

Experiential Math

How do we make math applicable?
NumberNagar is an innovation in experiential Learning in Math for children of ages 3 to 14, with the objective of making learning contextual, engaging and enjoyable, and thus creating meaningful learning experiences for everyone involved. The programme includes kits that are sent out to children in order to explore application based math.

Career Counselling

How do we empower children to choose the right career path?
With Mindler's unique, scientific approach to career guidance, children are givent he opportunity to discover their perfect stream, and subject combinations through a comprehensive assessment of their strengths and personalised counselling from leading career coaches.

Experiential Career Guidance

How do we empower children to experience their career options?
In association with ILM Global, we encourage our young ones to identify their strengths and areas of opportunity. With various mentor programmes and internships in a safe environment, children explore themselves through real life projects, the world of work through career simulations and get a clear picture of their potential career's roadmap.

Spring Up

How do we help our children strengthen their relationships?
Spring UP is a relationship building program meticulously crafted for young minds, emphasizing the cultivation of healthy relationships. These transformative programs empower children to build value, boundaries and foster security within their relationships. Age-appropriate and enlightening, the experiential programs are characterized by captivating hands-on activities that are tailored explicitly for the children of today.

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