At The Premia Academy, we build a strong foundation in learning by teaching through experience. Children engage in various activities and reflect on their work in order to absorb concepts, build a mental model and apply their learnings in an international or local setting. Our students at the Attapur campus learn through integrated methods that involve theoretical and activity based learning as well.


(Nur- PP2)

Our main goal at Premier Academy Kindergarten is to develop active learners who create and think critically through the day to day interaction with adults and other children in play, classroom learning, and exploration.

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Mid School

Elementary/ Primary
( I – V)

As a modern middle school that focuses on character development, entrepreneurship, sustainable living, etiquette, and academic excellence, we have created an innovative environment that provides students an opportunities to learn and grow.

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High School

Lower Secondary

Secondary school curriculum focuses on: Experiential learning, Social and Emotional support, Career Exploration, College and post-secondary planning, Technology and Innovation.

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High School

Senior Secondary
(IX - XII)

The Premia Pride has worked to ensure that students in high school have a good balance of academic and skill development. We offer both CBSE and IGCSE.

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Our Curriculum


Nurture relationships for collaborative progress

Develop self-awareness and global awareness

Pursue holistic wellbeing


Understanding the why, what and how of learning

Test and apply concepts and mental models

Think critically and innovatively


Think creatively through the design thinking process

Foster multiple perspectives and curiosity

Use language as a tool for learning and communication


Assess and solves problems efficiently

Perceive mistakes as learning opportunities

Take sporting risks in a safe environment

Pride Perks

Collaborative Learning

An approach to learning that greatly reinforces the concept ‘All for one, and one for all’.  Collaborative learning is encouraged in daily learning and teaching practices as peer learning has been proved to enhance critical thinking, problem solving, cultural awareness, concept retention and communication skills.


We nurture the business mindset, foster leadership, risk taking, team building and being a responsible global citizen through our Entrepreneurship curriculum that is executed by experts from Metamorphosis Edu. Children are given opportunities to use their skills to ideate, incubate and create business models.

Financial Literacy

We believe that fostering the right mindset towards money greatly influences how each child manages it and so with the intention of ensuring our children are financially literate and capable of seamlessly and prudently managing their finances, we have a programme that is implemented from primary grades onwards.

Computer Literacy

Powering both creativity and computational thinking we have our coding programme, Tynker. Alongside this we educate our children with our design thinking programme, Creya. Regular classroom interactions facilitate learning on how to engage with ICT and the basic tools that are needed to navigate today’s digital world.

Career Counselling

Children learn how to listen and communicate, with a high level of confidence and command over the English language. The intention is to communicate meaningfully and purposefully, enabling the mastery of authentic communication.

Ethics and Etiquette

Swadhyay-The Experiential Awakening is a powerful tool built to nurture values, empower change, inculcate new habits, and to initiate a culture of innovation by honing the right skills and qualities within our children, aligned with integrity, ethics, etiquette and empathy.

Other Activities

Hands on learnings

Hands on Learning

We build a strong foundation in learning by teaching through experience. Children engage in various activities and reflect on their work in order to absorb concepts, build a mental model and apply their learnings in an international or lo​​cal setting.

Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities

Students benefit from cultural activities in a variety of ways, supporting their academic and personal growth.

E learnings

Digital Learning

At Premia, technology is integrated into all facets of education and is used to support and reinforce the various learning possibilities.



With the purpose of developing well rounded individuals who are resilient, capable and ready to take on challenges, we host multiple sporting events throughout the year at Premia Academy, Attapur campus.

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Our Team

Our founders are a zealous, diverse group of individuals whose varied experience equips them with the tools to build the school on a strong foundation in this ever-changing world. To provide the students with best schooling experience

Our Beliefs

Every child is unique and capable of learning when engaged properly. Premia Academy believes in the development of these primary areas. Every institution has a framework or ground rules that they function with for the empowerment of every stakeholder. We at Premia like to call it the Premia ethos.


Premia Academy International School in Attapur offers more than just a sprawling campus. Providing the finest facilities to our students. Creating a bright future for all is a collective thought, an inclusive pedagogy, and a shared goal.


Our Admission process is a seamless experience for both the parents and the children. We strive to set a selection standard that is fair and consistent.

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