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Our Beliefs

Every child is unique and capable of learning when engaged properly. Premia Academy believes in the development of these primary areas. Every institution has a framework or ground rules that they function with for the empowerment of every stakeholder. We at Premia like to call it the Premia ethos.

A Safe and Positive Environment

Safety isn’t Expensive, it's Priceless

  • The sophisticated air conditioning system at the school allows us to breathe clean, purified air.
  • All areas of the Attapur campus are surveilled with cameras
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff undergo background checks
  • Staff and visitors vetted and frisked prior to being allowed on campus
  • State of the art RO & UV plants to provide students with safe drinking water
  • Buses are operated by highly experienced bus drivers and include female attendants
  • Infirmary staffed with a qualified nurse, available to students facing minor ailments.

Growth & Innovation Mindset

Empower & Inspire

  • Establish School norms-Self goals are set with essential agreements and conveyed with positive statements
  • E4 circuit: Express, energise, endure & elevate
  • Democratized and collaborative group work goals
  • Encouraging students to identify, evaluate and solve problems in a safe school environment
  • Teaching young minds the art and science of business and growth through entrepreneurship
  • Mentorship through career counselling drives and programmes to identify individual strengths and skill sets

Quest for Learning

Lifelong Learners

  • Advocate the thought process that learning never stops
  • Equipped with the skills and mindset to be lifelong learners
  • Teach our children how to learn not what to learn
  • Robust and well rounded curriculum to meet international standards
  • Differentiated learning
  • Tactile and experiential learning
  • Foundational concepts and logical thinking are the base
  • State of the art library to encourage readers who can self learn indefinitely
  • Scholastic bookroom program designed to make every pupil a profound reader

Integrity Above All

Virtue in our Veins

  • We imbibe academic honesty in all areas of teaching and learning
  • Ensure social-emotional learning across all verticals
  • Curated life enrichment programme, Swadhyay
  • Guest interactions with people from all walks of life
  • Encourage sustainable living through specialised Avani curriculum
  • Emphasize impetus on relationship building within and outside families
  • Counselling and mentoring support

Passion, Purpose & Prodigy

Finding your inner strength, The Driving Force, Making the best of it

  • Identify their strengths, weaknesses and interest areas
  • Career counselling with the help of international benchmark, scientific ability and personality tests
  • Experts from the field will be invited to address
  • Explain to our students about the permutations and combinations of their respective fields
  • Organize events and programme to allow children to further explore their likes and interests
  • Students are graded on socially productive work
  • Mentorship and avenues to explore and excel according to their individual capabilities
Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

We aim to provide children a holistic approach to learning.

We take pride in providing the best of facilities to our students, but it doesn’t end there. Teaching and learning are beyond books, beyond the four walls of a classroom, and beyond our imagination. It is a collective thought, inclusive pedagogy, and the common goal of a bright future for all.

We are a modern school with the belief that learning happens outside of the classroom as well - in the lunchrooms, the hallways, the open grounds, and as well as the sandpits. The provision of practicing different sports and art forms is the medium we choose to instill perseverance, determination, discipline - attributes that come from within. They are not treated as a ‘break from the monotony’ but in fact, a whole other learning experience in itself.

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We the Premia Pride pledge to raise our children with Integrity, Resilience, Innovation, and Empathy! We’re fun, creative, dedicated, efficient and we love a good laugh. So if you love children, learning and life, welcome home.

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