5 Valuable Skills Kids Learn From Celebrating Festivals
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5 Valuable Skills Kids Learn From Celebrating Festivals

Don't you think that it's time for parents to introduce their children to diversity as a source of strength and beauty? If yes, then festivals can be a fun and valuable attempt for your kids to learn with just observations. Festivals mark a very happy time of the year when the entire family celebrates together. There are hundreds of festivals celebrated in India, each unique in its way and with its purpose. It is one of the most vibrant countries in the world.

Several festivals are celebrated throughout the year including harvest festivals, new year's, folk festivals, and more. There are numerous cultures, languages, art forms, music, folk art, food varieties, customs, and religions in India that illustrate India's diversity. The opportunity to celebrate festivals in schools gives young children a chance to learn several valuable values and skills.

IB, ICSE, CBSE and IGCSE schools all emphasize that young children need to feel connected with their own culture as well as the cultures of others, in accordance with early childhood practitioners. In older people's view, when children interact with their parents, teachers, and community members, their social behaviors are transformed, and their cultural understanding is increased, resulting in cognitive development.

Kids learn certain valuable skills during festivals so celebrating them enthusiastically helps make them more joyful and it also teaches them morals.

5 valuable skills that kids learn from festivals are:

Social skills

Getting together with friends and family at a festival is the best way to spend time together. While attending a festival, there is always the possibility of meeting new friends and creating memories. A child learns how to greet people, welcome them, interact with them, and communicate with others. Interacting with the environment around them is the most effective way for pre-schoolers to learn. Such celebrations impart skills such as being empathetic, taking responsibility, and having compassion for others to children.

Diversity and Inclusivity

India is a diverse country and because of this diversity, every festival is celebrated differently in each state. Along with this, every culture has its own set of festivals that expresses many different meanings, morals, and styles. As every festival has its unique style of celebration, greeting each other, food, responsibilities are expressed in different styles. This teaches kids about respecting every festival of any kind. International schools focus on making sure kids are adaptive and with such diversity, every month and every week, there is always something new to learn and adapt to.


Every festival has its story, and every time the stories are taught to the children. Through this, they learn about history, reality, morals, etc. Usually, all the stories have morals and something important to learn so every time kids get reminded to be good people and avoid wrong acts. Normally, it's the best way to teach kids not to lie, respecting others, and being helpful to parents and others.

Moral and Ethical Values

To teach kids some moral and ethical values, we at The Premia Academy believe festivals can be the best opportunity to let them learn by themselves. Children tend to copy-paste what elders and some of the most valuable ethics and morals children learn indirectly are, sharing, showing respect, taking responsibilities, teamwork, Kindness, affection, etc. The act of voluntary service and charitable giving - the concept of thinking of others outside the family circle that may need practical or financial assistance - is also a valuable one for kids.

Valuing Relationships

Festivals are all about get-togethers. Family, friends, and neighborhoods of every religion come together and celebrate each festival with great enthusiasm and respect. This indirectly teaches kids that everyone is important and every relationship with anyone of any religion is special.

This is all about the valuable lessons, covered in all kinds of curriculum that are indirectly adapted by the kids just by observing adults while celebrating festivals. Children develop respect, love, care, greetings, compassion, etc. since they are surrounded by so many different cultures and festivals.

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