Tips for healthy festival celebrations at your school
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Tips for healthy festival celebrations at your school

What needs to be done to switch to a healthier celebration at your school? No matter what it is called, cultural days, multicultural fairs, and festival nights are an annual tradition in many top schools. Schools in Hyderabad usually use the event to highlight the diversity within their communities. By celebrating the richness of culture beyond your immediate community, it is another wonderful chance to deepen social understanding and awareness among kids.

When celebrating cultural heritage, it is essential to ensure artefacts and traditions are treated respectfully for cultural integrity. The cultural elements, whether food, clothing or costumes, visual or performing arts, should never be presented as symbols of a particular culture but as representations of a place and time as a whole. It is only acceptable for members of that heritage to wear cultural costumes, as well as those who understand its symbolic meaning. At The Premia Academy the above said notions are practised with utmost respect and care.

We've got tips that will help you celebrate a healthier way in your school, just as we did in ours!

Selection of a Theme

Theming your event is an excellent way to celebrate festivals. Premia Academy International School offers unlimited possibilities when choosing between themes of the events. We suggest you choose a theme that reflects your event or organisation, such as a country fair, Christmas, Diwali, Dandiya, Sankranti, multi-cultural fair, etc. You could have prizes for the best-dressed children and encourage them to dress according to the theme.

Tasty Food

Cultural celebrations are always a big hit when it comes to food. Make use of the contributions of your community - your local restaurants can donate samples of culturally authentic food, or families can contribute their family recipes. In some International schools with qualified staff like the food service staff are even enthusiastic about helping with planning and preparing catering for ethnic events.

Add Art

Cultural art, music, dance, and music are some of the best ways to enliven an event. Make the event as interactive as possible. Music and dance are traditional components of school cultural events, such as:

  • Offer mini-workshops offering participants the chance to learn something new, and invite local artists and performers to display their different styles of music and dance.
  • Prepare and have students perform music/dance at the event.
  • While the event is occurring, play recorded cultural music.


Considering some of these tips, also being practised at The Premia Academy Attapur can help you plan an event in your school that sounds like a cultural festival.

Hold a barbecue for the parents who volunteered right after the event. Using leftovers is a huge hit with the helpers. Please don't forget to thank all the donation organisations and volunteers who made your event a great success with thank you letters.

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