Tips to Build Your Kids Immunity
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Tips to Build Your Kids Immunity

Are you reluctant to send your child to school because of so many contagious diseases, especially the Covid-19? Do you think it is safer for your child to avoid attending school?

We urge you to put your fears aside and think of building your child’s immunity. Depriving him/her of school or kids’ gatherings is not an answer to the problem. As important as it is to ensure that your child’s school is following all safety protocols, it is important to build your child’s immunity.

Immunity is the defence system in the body that fights the germs entering the body. It works exactly like an army that protects a country. So supply enough weapons through a balanced diet to your child's defence system, and don't worry about going to school and mingling with other kids.

After all, healthy social interaction also boosts immunity. No doubt, the immunity of children is a big concern of parents. But, keep your concern healthy and do not stress. We are here with the best tips to improve your children’s immunity.

So, stay with us and keep reading.


Zinc is an essential mineral for kids. It is found in beans, nuts, fish, oysters, and meat. Just add these foods to their meals, and they will have a sufficient supply of Zinc.


Plant fibres are rich in prebiotics. Add a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits to the daily meals in salads and snacks. Your child will happily consume them. Prebiotics boosts the growth of good bacteria in the body.


Fermented foods are rich in probiotics. For example, yogurt, cheese, pickles, kefir, natural vinegar, and all yeast-based foods have probiotics. Often kids love cheese, yogurt, and a wide array of baked foods having yeast as an essential ingredient. So, you can be sure that your child is getting an excellent variety of probiotics.


Most of the vitamins are found in fresh and dry fruits and vegetables. Although your child needs them very much, vitamins boost immunity significantly and prepare the body to defeat attacking germs and viruses.

Healthy Snacks

Children love snacks to the extent that they eat snacks and refuse meals. This is your chance to feed them the nutrients they need. However, only healthy snacks serve the purpose like dry fruits, cookies, sandwiches, fruit yogurt, apple slices, etc. Keep some supply of healthy snacks available at home for your kids’ cravings.

What About Supplements?

Consult your family physician before buying any supplement for your children. Sometimes supplements harm and do not benefit. So, avoid self-prescribing supplements to your kids.

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