Top 10 Safety Measures Schools Can Implement To Safeguard Students Safety
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Top 10 Safety Measures Schools Can Implement To Safeguard Students Safety

A school is a place where children spend most of their time learning and growing. A school is also a place that produces high levels of stress. Fortunately, there are many safety measures that schools can implement to help safeguard students’ safety, both physically and emotionally. Nowadays, children are exposed to much more than ever before, and most International Schools such as Premia Academy have very high safety standards. So how do you know if the school you choose for your child is safe? And how do schools know what they can do to ensure they have left no stone unturned?

By following the tips in this article, you will be able to keep children safe from potential accidents and bullying while helping them maintain a positive outlook on life.

Identify your school's most valuable assets

This step calls for everyone to envision themselves as part of the school. Implement initiatives that recognize every student as an invaluable asset to the school and that their safety is paramount.

Record all past incidents in the school

This will help you know what to do in the case of an emergency as it helps the school’s management gather essential lessons from past events.

Create a plan for handling dangerous situations

It’s important to have a plan in place and educate students on what to do if they ever find themselves alone in a dangerous situation.

Train all school staff to handle dangerous situations

Your staff, whether teaching or non-teaching, is your school’s first line of defense against dangerous situations. Train them on basic first aid procedures and evacuation protocols in the event of life-threatening situations like fire.

Enforce strict dress codes

Students, teachers, and other stakeholders should adhere to the set dress codes when attending laboratories, swimming pools, and dormitories to avoid possible dangers caused by inappropriate clothing.

Create a support team to help students with emotional issues

Students’ safety is not only physical – their mental health is equally important. Build a support team and train them adequately to ensure they can help students under stressful situations cope better.

Engage local law enforcement authorities

Keeping students safe is not only the institution’s mandate. It requires a communal effort with the intervention of law enforcers like the police. Ensure that local police are kept in the loop about the school’s security needs. Also, have their phone contacts kept close enough should a situation requiring their intervention arise.

Install security cameras in every security concern corner

CCTV cameras are effective in maintaining the security of the institution. They can help in identifying security issues before they happen, when they happen, or even after happening so that proper measures can be taken to prevent a repeat of such a scenario.

Controlled access to areas of the school

Ensure that certain areas of the school, such as classrooms, dormitories are out of bounds to strangers without the administration’s consent.

Proper identification badges for staffs

Everyone within the school’s premises should have a proper identification put in a visible location at all times. It could be a badge hanging on a neck strap, or a name tag. Doing so ensures that strangers that are possible security concerns are easily identified and stopped before causing harm.

To understand how to choose a school that ensures safety is of the highest priority, you can check out the measures we at Premia Academy have taken in terms of infrastructure and wellbeing.

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