Good Touch Vs Bad Touch: Why is it important that kids know the difference?
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Good Touch Vs Bad Touch: Why is it important that kids know the difference?

A child’s emotional, social, and physical development can be stunted by inappropriate contact. Because of this, it’s vital to teach your children about good touch vs bad touch. Children need to know that they can talk to you if someone touches them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Teaching your kids about good touch vs bad touch is vital for two reasons: It helps children better understand how to protect themselves from abuse and it encourages open communication between parents and their children.

This post aims to help you figure out the best way to talk with your child about this important issue.

Why Teach Your Kids the Difference Between Good Touch and Bad Touch

It’s almost impossible for parents to keep their children under constant monitoring to be sure that they’re safe. While they’re at school, a friend’s house, or with a relative, the knowledge of good touch and bad touch can help them in various ways.

Prevent them from sexual abuse

Kids are constantly growing and might not know when they've been taken advantage of. Educating them about what’s right and wrong can save them from undergoing the torment of sexual abuse. The knowledge can help them evade situations that make them feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Save them from childhood trauma

Inappropriate touch can cause a child to develop mental health issues and live in constant fear. This can be true especially if the perpetrator warns them from speaking about it. Teaching kids about good touch and bad touch can save them from such experiences so they can grow to have well-balanced mental health.

Help them learn to say “NO”

As children grow into their teenage years, if they weren’t taught about the difference between inappropriate touch and good touch, they may have difficulty saying no to abuse. Help them be aware of child sex, why it’s unacceptable so they can understand that they have the right to refuse abuse.

Eliminates constant fear of their safety

When a child is not informed about good touch and bad touch, the parents will constantly be in fear that their kids might be abused. Teaching kids the difference and how to refuse bad touch can instill confidence in them and give you peace of mind.


Parents and schools need to be vigilant and monitor their kids/students in every way to make sure that they're not silently battling abuse. But most importantly, teaching them the difference between good touch and bad touch puts them in a better position of stopping such incidents from happening.

The CBSE board like Premia Academy, Attapur mandates availability of a counsellor to the students.

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