Mental health in schools: How Teachers Can be the first line of Support?
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Mental health in schools: How Teachers Can be the first line of Support?

As teachers, parents, and other adults in the children’s lives, it is our responsibility to make sure that the next generation of leaders has everything they need to succeed. And when it comes to making sure children are mentally healthy, there are many things you can do at home, in your school or workplace, and beyond.

But teachers have the biggest responsibility when it comes to ensuring that students are in their best mental health. That’s because they spend most of the time with the children, and are more likely to notice when something isn’t right than anyone else.

Teachers taking the lead in spreading mental health awareness

As a teacher, what can you do to ensure students are not severely affected by mental health? Here are a few tips to help children lead a better life while in school and even while away.

1. Encourage kids to get involved in extracurricular activities

Research shows that kids who take part in extracurricular activities do better at school than kids who don’t. Plus, it helps to build their confidence and teaches them to be part of a team. Even more important is teaching them skills to manage their emotions.

2. Enhance discipline improvement in students

Teachers want their students to perform better in school, but also want to keep them safe and healthy. That's why discipline applies so much to the emotional lives of students. Discipline means teaching your students to be good, respectful, and kind, all of which help them learn empathy. Empathy is a complicated concept, and it can be hard to teach, but you can start by being aware of your students’ needs and then setting rules to help them meet them.

Promote self-awareness and self-confidence in students

It’s important to teach your students about self-awareness and self-confidence because they’re going to need them to succeed in life. When you teach them about self-awareness, it enables them to be honest with themselves and understand their own strengths and weaknesses. The Integrated Curriculum at Premia Academy, Attapur develops students to be better listeners, better problem-solvers, and better relationships with people and the environment, thus allowing them to be better leaders.

4. Help students develop a sense of belonging

If you want to help students to be successful, then it’s important that they feel like they belong in your classroom. They need to feel like they’re part of the class so they’ll be more willing to participate and engage with you and other students.

Premia Academy's core value is to engage young learners in a journey of creativity and innovation, a sense of belonging, gratitude, and responsibility.

Mental health is a big issue today, and many of us are affected by it. By talking about it and raising awareness, we’re taking steps to get people talking about it and get help for those. The CBSE board like Premia Academy mandates availability of a counsellor to the students.

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