5 Reasons Parents Should Encourage Extracurricular Activities During Schooling
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5 Reasons Parents Should Encourage Extracurricular Activities During Schooling

The increasing pressure of showing academic excellence combined with technology-dominated recreation has made children lose interest in extracurricular activities and hobbies.

Educators and parents are rarely seen motivating the younger generation to follow their passions and dreams. Instead, children primarily focus on scoring high grades to get admission into top colleges and secure their future professionally. But nobody thinks of making their children footballers or singers and encouraging them to pursue their passion. It is always about which main stream career to choose – medical or engineering, finance or management? The child's capabilities and talents are often not taken into consideration.

Result-oriented education helps to form the root of a child’s school life and is a critical tool to equip them with knowledge. Still, extracurricular activities are also equally important as they imbibe real-world skills in children and cause their personalities to flourish.

Here are five reasons why you need to consider the impact of extracurricular activities and why it is important to choose schools with modern school of thought:

1. Provides a Breather

It is appropriate for children to focus on their academics, but it also results in boredom and stress. Thus, you should support your children in extracurricular activities to provide them with much-needed refreshing breaks from studies that help them restore their ability to retain knowledge.

2. Develops Thinking Skills

When children are too busy learning only through books, they have no time to develop their thinking skills. Extracurricular activities are helpful to enhance the critical thinking skills of children and enable them to find solutions when they encounter different situations in their life.

3. Improved Social Skills

Nowadays, kids are becoming unsociable. Taking part in extracurricular activities helps children to find like-minded friends, develop healthy bonding, and break social barriers. It also helps them to learn respect and the value of teamwork. Moreover, it will also keep their mind off from inappropriate activities and disturbing behavior.

4. Boosts Self Confidence

Whether your children want to play cricket or draw and paint, appreciating them will boost their self-esteem and mood. A child who is confident can efficiently deal with real-life challenges with energy.

5. Brings Out the Hidden Talent

Academics is a learned skill, but every child is blessed with a unique talent. However, only a few are able to recognize the talent and truly put it to good use. Extracurricular activities can be helpful to encourage children to bring out their talents in the spotlight and polish them.

Encouraging children to participate in extracurricular activities and choosing schools that are good for both academics and extracurricular activities can help them manage their time, set priorities, and broaden their view of the world. Moreover, students who are good in the non-academic field also get special scholarships and the chance to get admissions in top universities.

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