Top Health Benefits for Kids from Extra-Curricular Activities
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Top Health Benefits for Kids from Extra-Curricular Activities

Would you love your child to be flexible and adaptive? Maybe this idea has not hit your mind!

Have you ever searched for ways to train your child as a flexible and adaptive person? Have you tried to instill in him a passion for learning skills and being more innovative than kids of his age?

We will take a quick tour today to find the benefits of extracurricular activities, and you will find the answers to all the above questions here.

So, are you ready to take the journey?

Skill Development

Yes, the top best benefit of extra-curricular activities is skill development. Your child learns a bunch of skills in each activity. Just take the example of planting trees. Almost every school runs a campaign of planting trees at the sides of roads, schools, hospitals, and parks every spring and monsoon season. We at The Premia Academy encourage the children of our school to go with the school team to plant trees and learn to plant and collaborate, helping, managing, etc.

Academic Performance

Ever wondered if the extra-curricular activities affect your child’s academic performance and help your child to be excellent in his academics. For example, taking part in dramas, delivering speeches, speaking at morning assemblies, writing in school magazines, and many other activities help the children to excel in academics. Engaging kids in extracurricular activities for better academic performance has now become a common practice in all the Top schools of Hyderabad.

Developing Social skills

Children who are active outside their classroom are competent in their social skills. For example, going to other schools on a school trip, participating in competitions with students of other schools in Hyderabad, working on any project with others, and joining some social activities teach your child better social skills.

Time Management

You may find that your child can’t manage his/her time. We encourage you to create situations in which your child is motivated to develop time management skills. Let him join the activity of his choice outside his classroom, and he will manage his time himself simply because he is happy to do some fun and exciting work.

Improve the overall profile

Your child's resume, especially when studying in IB curriculum schools, isn't complete without having extra-curricular activities in it. Universities worldwide look at a child's academic record as well as his performance outside the classroom. It also happens that a skillful, wise child is admitted to a university before a child with high grades and zero to minimum extra-curricular.

The journey is not over yet! So make it more exciting and fun by letting your child take part in extracurricular activities.

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