10 Ways to Improving Kids Writing Skills
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10 Ways to Improving Kids Writing Skills

When you think of a child's writing skills, you usually associate these with books, studies, and the usual subjects, but they go way beyond that. Writing skills play a major role in children’s cognitive development as well. Furthermore, you will find that they can express themselves better. Today, let’s traverse the importance of these skills and writing activities for kids.

Importance of writing for your child

Free writing is an ability that your child must develop early on during their formative years. The importance of writing skills lies in the fact that it helps them to think and express themself better. It develops their analytical skills. You will find that writing skills are essential for kids to help them improve their ability to study and think. 

How to Help Your Kids Improve Handwriting?  

If you are planning to help your child improve their handwriting, you should first provide them with the necessary equipment, such as books, pens, pencils, and electronic writing pads, so they can write whenever they find time. Helping them practice writing skills is one of the easiest ways to improve their handwriting. If you want to know how to improve a child's handwriting, then check the following list:

1. Ask them to write their thoughts 

The best way to improve your child's handwriting and writing skills would be to help them articulate their thoughts. Simply jotting down their ideas, they can slowly learn to think analytically.

2. Provide them with exciting topics to write about 

Instead of asking your child to write long essays, give them short and exciting topics that appeal to them. They will make writing enjoyable.

3. Ask them to keep a journal

Diary writing is one of the easiest ways to improve writing skills and handwriting. Jotting down daily activities is one of the best ways to improve writing skills for kids.

4. Integrate the academic field into writing

Check if you can integrate a core academic field like science or social studies into writing skills through an assignment. They will make the project exciting and improve their handwriting.

5. Understand the writing process

Talk with your child about what they want to put in writing and find ways to improve their vocabulary. One of the ways would be to incorporate reading into their daily activities.

6. Keep some time aside to write

It is essential to keep some time aside to write every day. Making it a part of their daily habit and ensuring they enjoy writing is crucial.

7. Give them graphic prompts

Instead of providing your child with statements, ask them to write by studying a picture. Pictorial prompts can help them develop their analytical skills, an essential part of writing skill development.

8. Usage of descriptive language

Ask your child to experiment with descriptive language when developing writing and handwriting skills. As they explore their vocabulary, they will realize they know several words they usually do not use but can use in an essay or paragraph.

9. Correct sentences

As your child develops good writing skills and improves handwriting, you must teach different sentence structures. This will help them bring variety to their writing.

10. Make it enjoyable

It is essential to make the process enjoyable so your child can maintain interest. You will find that developing writing skills and improving handwriting can become tedious if you keep doing the same activity continuously. So, keep giving them new exercises so that he remains interested.

Thus, getting involved in the process is essential to ensure that your child's handwriting and writing skills improve over time.

Activities to improve Kid's writing skills

Developing writing activities for kids to improve their writing skills is essential. Some of the writing activities that you can opt for are as follows:

  • You can have a chalkboard where your child can write a thought for the day. They will improve their writing and analytical skills.
  • Keep items they use for writing close at hand so they can sit down and write whenever they want.
  • Ask them to write letters whenever they want something so that they learn to articulate themself through proper sentences.

Thus, with simple activities to improve writing skills,your child can go a long way in their literary journey. 


When you try to improve your child's writing skills, remember that they might get restless if you try to make it a routine. However, if you want to see a positive impact and changes in the ability of your child to write and think analytically, you must make it a part of their daily activities. Thus, one of the easiest ways to ensure they practice their writing skills daily would be to make it enjoyable by participating.

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