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World For One, One For All

Since the beginning of time, the human race is known to function as a community, with each member contributing in their own way and the community pledging to help when one is in need.

Over centuries, as the race expanded, the sense of community was divided into smaller and shallower sections, building barriers which never existed - religion, caste, race, and to an extent, even gender. The race for monetary superiority was one that didn’t focus on winning but making sure the other person lost. What use is it of, if we don’t progress together? What do we do when we reach the finish line and there is no one to share the joy with.

The purpose of living in a society is to move ahead together, to fight a calamity together, to keep what is required, and to share what is in excess. Through the decades, nature has shown us that no matter how technologically advanced we are and how large we grow as a population, it will always remain a superior power and have the capacity to wipe us out. In its signs in the form of natural disasters, it has also proven that when we are struck by a calamity, the only way we make it through is by being there for each other.

The ongoing Corona Virus situation is by far, the biggest example of the world coming together. The richest of the rich are helpless, the first responders are no less than warriors, making sure supplies and services reach those who are under lockdown. We see neighbors helping neighbors, strangers helping strangers. Kindness has never been more frequent and it's because we are in this together.

Like little drops of water, make a mighty ocean, the smallest acts of help go a long way - right from a little boy giving his piggy bank up to an aged woman giving up her ventilator. It is absolutely amazing to see people from all walks of life coming forward and giving what they have to battle this together. We see nations and governments coming together, exchanging facilities, taking a step forward to lend a helping hand - medical experts, assistance, learning from each other’s mistakes.

All for the world and the world for all - we, as citizens of this beautiful planet, the result of centuries of evolution, owe our bit to give back and can be sure to receive the same when in need. It counts. It all counts when:

  • We refuse that carry bag at check out
  • We avoid that straw at our favorite juice store
  • We judiciously use our appliances
  • We walk that little distance
  • We beat that hunger pang and avoid a take-out

For every conscious action, big or small, there is a significant contribution we make towards a better world. The day we stop thinking that our acts of sustainable living come off as examples and not as acts of misery, is the day we turn to a new chapter in the world-changing for good.

Be the change you want to see in the world
- Mahatma Gandhi

At The Premia Academy International School in Attapur, we intend to inculcate habits and lifestyles which mould our children to become citizens of the world. Our CBSE, IGCSE & AERO Integrated curriculum in Hyderabad is designed to build a community that the world needs - one that is conscious, empathetic, and sustainable.

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