The Right Age for Your Child's Kindergarten School Admission
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The Right Age for Your Child's Kindergarten School Admission

Early education sets the right foundation for all children and it will push them to explore a lot more in the future. Therefore, it is not surprising that each parent puts in so much thought before choosing a particular school. The kindergarten period is quite important as it is also the time when they begin to make friendships and learn several practical things. Children are introduced to formal education in some form during their kindergarten. When each of us puts so much effort into finding the right school, shouldn’t we also know when exactly to kickstart kindergarten education? This blog will help you figure out the right age for kindergarten school admission. 


Kindergarten education is a part of early childhood education in India. Oftentimes, people think that the kids learn how to read and write in kindergarten. This is true, but there is more to kindergarten learning than just that. Reading and writing are two of the important things taught in Kindergarten schools in Hyderabad. Beginning with mostly the phonics-based approach, children are taught to identify sounds and slowly learn the names of the letters of the alphabet and read a few common sounds. Towards the end of kindergarten, they can also recognise common words and read simple stories. Reading goes hand in hand with writing. But we first get to the fine motor skills of holding a pencil correctly. Following that, the kids practice writing the letters of the alphabet. Gradually, they begin to write simple words and phrases. Other things focused during kindergarten education include:

  • Math - Kindergarten is also when children begin to play with the numbers. They learn basic mathematical concepts and shapes. It will be a very practical approach most of the time, with relevant examples that they understand. During this period, they will be taught to recognise numbers, identify basic shapes, add and subtract numbers up to 10 and a few others. 
  • Science and social studies - Since kindergarten is also the time when kids begin their formal education, they also learn the basics of science and social studies. It could be simple things like the four seasons, common animals, weather, solar system, five senses, etc. 
  • Extracurricular - Right from the early education period, extracurricular activities for kids are given due importance. The kids learn to draw, sing, play different sports, etc. Not only do these sessions help develop certain skills or find their hobbies but it also gives them the space to develop essential social and emotional skills. 

The best age for kindergarten

It is said that according to the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), the suggested age to begin pre-school is three years old. Therefore, the typical kindergarten admission enrolment in India happens when the children are between the ages of 3 and 4. This may vary in a few schools. However, you can delay your child’s education if your kid isn’t ready for it yet. 

Is your kid ready?

It becomes important to know whether your child is both physically and emotionally ready to begin the education. Children should be able to sit in a place for short periods, be able to communicate their needs to some extent, and be comfortable around other kids. Here are a few signs that indicate that your child is ready for kindergarten education

  • Your kid can identify a few alphabets and numbers
  • Able to follow basic instructions. Since it is a social setting, your child should listen and execute simple instructions. 
  • Your kid has basic motor skills like throwing a ball or holding a pencil. 

It is not necessary that the kid has to be excellent in all of these or any other skills. If they can do the minimum of it, they are ready for kindergarten. Even if they are not able to perform a few things, they can still be ready for kindergarten. Some kids may just be late at picking up certain skills but that doesn’t mean they need a delayed education. Therefore, in any case, if you feel your child isn’t ready yet, it is best to consult an expert and make sure whether they are ready or not. 


It’s indeed important to be right and join your kids in kindergarten at the right time. But, let your kid grow at their own pace. The best age to start kindergarten is when the child is 3-4 years old. As we discussed, it is well known that kids pick up varied new skills between 3 and 6 years which makes it also an ideal time to start their formal education in a social setting. All said and done, you should remember that the average 3 years is only an average value. Your decision can and should purely be based on the child’s developmental progress.

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