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The Premia Advantage!

Generation gaps are getting narrower by the year. What used to be a visible disconnect between people born ten years apart, has today come down to two years. Keeping up is not a choice, it is a necessity. Fast-lane lifestyles require multitasking. You work hard to give your child the best of everything. As sailors of the same boat, we are in the business of lending a helping hand in the upbringing of your little one. While it is necessary that we keep abreast with the latest trends in education, it is equally important that we impart the values of family bonding and relationships. They need a place not just to acquire knowledge and skills, but also to grow into responsible individuals who will carve a niche for themselves. Premia Academy, one of the very few schools with CBSE, IGCSE & AERO Integrated curriculum in Hyderabad aims to provide children a holistic approach to learning.

The Premia Academy International school in Attapur is more than just its sprawling campus. We take pride in providing the best of facilities to our students, but it doesn’t end there. Teaching and learning are beyond books, beyond the four walls of a classroom, and beyond our imagination. It is a collective thought, inclusive pedagogy, and the common goal of a bright future for all.

We are a modern school with the belief that learning happens outside of the classroom as well - in the lunchrooms, the hallways, the open grounds, and as well as the sandpits. The provision of practicing different sports and art forms is the medium we choose to instill perseverance, determination, discipline - attributes that come from within. They are not treated as a ‘break from the monotony’ but in fact, a whole other learning experience in itself.

The Premia Advantage is the result of days, nights, and weeks of planning by our core team with a modern school of thought to ensure a child’s daily schedule at Premia is a day to look forward to. Our team, consisting of pioneers of the industry and a zing of fresh energy, has been successful in bringing a brilliant fusion of academics, sports, and value systems.

Partnering with you in raising ‘OUR’ children, we aim to have a Prima Pride who are Resilient and confident, Agile and authentic, Innovative and intuitive, Socially responsible and humble, Empathetic and Humane souls who uphold Integrity above all.

We are in the middle of a global reset. While lifestyles are showing signs of going back to simpler living, work cultures are progressing and turning digital at an unimaginable speed, The Premia Academy is here to cater to the demands of our future generations and we cannot wait to impart experiences of a lifetime!

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