The Benefits of Attending a School with an Integrated Curriculum
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The Benefits of Attending a School with an Integrated Curriculum

We've always been passionate about education. After all, it's the most important factor in building a strong society, right? But what we've learned over the years is that there are many different ways to teach children, and some are better than others. As a school it has an integrated curriculum (IC). The Premia Academy offers this type of education because we believe it yields great benefits for students no matter where in the world they are! The integrated curriculum approach  is set to meet the needs of each student and is not set by government agencies, but rather by teachers who are dedicated to ensuring that their students reach their full potential. It focuses on helping students achieve academic excellence in the areas they need most help with.

Although schools can adopt pedagogies from across time and countries, it is best for a school to keep in mind the local culture and beliefs as they integrate curriculums. At Premia we are most inspired by the Montessori educational system which emphasizes independence in learning while also allowing students to work at their own pace through hands-on activities such as painting, sewing or cooking. Children often work side by side with adults in these activities so they can learn how things work before attempting them themselves (this concept is called "synchronous teaching"). We also follow the Reggio Emilia approach in the kindergarten which allows for children to learn through play, which is most natural to them. We are guided by Howard Gardener’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences so that we can identify learners and plan accordingly. We highly suggest this to schools who have a differentiated group of learners in each classroom!

The CBSE syllabus has been designed to have academic rigor and robust content, which include all essential subjects such as English, Hindi/Urdu, mathematics and science to give students an opportunity to learn at their own pace according to their ability levels.

Having an integrated curriculum in a school offers a number of advantages, both for the students and the school. An integrated curriculum helps promote the development of a wide range of skills and knowledge in a student. It also helps to improve the student’s overall academic performance. Below are the benefits of having an integrated curriculum:

1. Improved Academic Performance

An integrated curriculum helps a student to develop a broad understanding of a subject, as well as a deeper understanding of the different components. Students learn to make connections between the different topics they study and they can apply the knowledge they have acquired in one area to other areas. This leads to an improved academic performance in all subjects because the student has a wider understanding of the topics they are learning.

2.Encourages Deeper Understanding

An integrated curriculum also encourages a student to develop a deeper understanding of the subject. This is because the student is able to see the connections between different topics and understand how they can be applied in different contexts. This leads to a greater level of understanding than if the student was only studying one subject at a time.

3. Encourages Creative Thinking

An integrated curriculum encourages students to think outside the box. They are able to make connections between different topics that may not be apparent at first. This encourages students to develop creative solutions to problems and think critically about their studies.

4. Promotes Teamwork

An integrated curriculum encourages students to work together, as they are able to discuss different topics and make connections between them. This helps to improve communication and collaboration between students, and it also encourages them to work together to solve problems.

An integrated curriculum is beneficial to all students, as it improves academic performance, encourages deeper understanding, encourages creative thinking, and promotes teamwork. It is important for students to have access to an integrated curriculum so that they can make the most of their education. So if you are from a school, looking to have a well rounded curriculum, you are on the right path!

At the end of the day, it’s important to consider what you want for your child and for your learners. The right education can help them grow into a happy, well-rounded person who has the skills they need to succeed in life. If you decide that an integrated curriculum is right for your family then check out The Premia Academy and other schools that offer an integrated curriculum!


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