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TeacherTube: Education Videos for All

YouTube videos are today’s ultimate teaching tool that can make even the driest of subjects more exciting for students. Navigating this easy-to-access, vast library of content is a skill every modern day teacher should have. When used correctly, these videos can transform a boring classroom into a captivating learning experience. Here are some tips on how to make the most of YouTube in the classroom:

  1. Start with a laugh: Start your lesson with a funny video that relates to the topic you will be discussing. This will grab the students' attention and set the tone for an enjoyable and productive class.

  2. Make lessons interactive: Encourage students to search for videos that relate to the topic being discussed and share their findings with the class. This will not only make the lessons interactive, but also help students develop critical thinking and digital literacy skills.

  3. Showcase real-world examples: Nothing makes a lesson more relatable than real-world examples. Use YouTube videos to bring real-life situations into the classroom and help students understand how the concepts they are learning apply to the world around them.

  4. Supplement lectures: Let's be honest, lectures can be boring. Use YouTube videos to break up the monotony of lectures and keep students engaged. For example, a short video about the history of a particular subject can provide a more interesting and engaging explanation than a traditional lecture.

  5. Create a “video club”: Encourage students to create their own videos on a topic of their choice. This will not only help students develop critical thinking and digital literacy skills, but also give them an opportunity to showcase their creativity and demonstrate their understanding of the subject.

At the Premia Academy, we use YouTube safely and mindfully. They are tools that are compatible with the interactive board technology, making it a great addition to our integrated curriculum. The videos are versatile and effective in bringing life to the classroom and making lessons more engaging and interactive. So, why not give it a try and see the difference it can make in your students' learning experience?!

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