Pedagogy- The Art & Science of Teaching Applied at The Premia Academy
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Pedagogy- The Art and Science of Teaching Applied at The Premia Academy

Teachers at The Premia Academy believe in the motto- Teaching is an art as well as science. Teaching at The Premia Academy inspires our children to think differently and it develops critical thinking in young, influenceable minds.

The students will acquire language, science and mathematical skills that they can use later on in life. We want education to have a recurring impact, long after our students become adults. The principles of teaching are constantly evolving; collaborative learning, flipped learning and deep learning are all a mainstay of the modern classroom at The Premia Academy.
Teachers are trained in collaborative learning method of active learning that relies on the principle of two or more students working together, towards a common goal. All activities vary widely, but most centre on the learner’s exploration or application of the curriculum, Within pedagogy, there are four learner profiles at The Premia Academy-

  • Auditory learners who benefit from listening to the information presented to them in classroom. These students learn orally from both listening to instruction from the teacher, audio and video recordings.
  • Tactile/kinaesthetic learners who absorb knowledge through touch and movement. These students prefer to work with hands-on devices and learning aids.
  • Visual learners who prefer to see information in order to visualise the relationship between ideas and concepts to understand them.
  • Reading and writing learners who prefer to take on information by reading texts. These learners can further absorb information by condensing and rephrasing it.

Teachers have the advantage of utilising traditional learning practices while incorporating new educational technologies to create a diverse, differentiated classroom, ready for all learners coming to The Premia Academy.

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