Importance and Role of Music in a Child’s Development
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Melodies of growth – The importance and role of music in a child’s development

3-year-old Parisa could be eating, playing, or napping. The moment she hears a melody, though, she looks up with a smile, listening closely. She loves music – it is comforting sometimes, stimulating some other times, and soothing at all times.

Most other kids and adults will relate to Parisa because music is nothing short of magic.

But did you know that the magic of music extends beyond comfort right into growth? That’s right – It has been proven time and again that music plays a vital role in a child’s development. In this article, we shall dig deeper. Read on!

Harmony of the Brain and Body

Children are born with an innate connection to music. From their earliest days, they are entranced by the rhythm, melody, and beat. What may seem like mere noise to our adult ears is a symphony of learning opportunities for their young minds.

Research shows that engaging with music at a young age enhances brain development, boosting cognitive skills, language acquisition, and memory retention. When children bop their heads, clap their hands, or tap their feet to a song, they synchronize their bodies and minds, honing their motor skills and coordination.

The Language of the Soul

Beyond the scientific benefits, music is a language that speaks directly to the heart. It expresses emotions in a way that words often fail to capture.

With humming, singing, or dancing, music becomes a medium through which children can communicate their feelings, fostering emotional intelligence and empathy. It offers a safe space for them to process their experiences and understand the wide range of emotions that colour their world.

The key to creativity

As parents, we nurture our children's imaginations, hoping to spark their creativity and passion for life. Music is a powerful ally in this endeavour. It fuels their imagination, transforming ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. A simple tune can ignite their creativity, inspiring them to experiment with different instruments.

It fosters a sense of curiosity, an openness to explore and discover the endless possibilities that life has to offer.

A Symphony of Connection

In this shockingly fast-paced digital age, where screens and gadgets seem to dominate our lives, music brings us back to the essence of human connection. It provides an opportunity for families to come together, sing, dance, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Through these shared musical experiences, bonds are strengthened. A sense of belonging and togetherness flourishes.


Music is definitely one of the pillars of growth, and its importance in a child’s development cannot be understated. Start the day with soothing music and sprinkle it throughout so that children grow up embracing the melodies of life. At The Premia Academy, we have incorporated music in the academic curriculum to foster this harmony at school. For more details, please visit our website.

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