How to Teach Kids to Be Smart About Social Media?
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How to Teach Kids to Be Smart About Social Media?

Social media has become part and parcel of everyday life for kids these days. And it is quite normal for kids to spend a good deal of their time on social media, either posting content, browsing, or chatting with others. While social media provides a good source of entertainment to kids, it does have its dangers too.

Anyone and everyone can access social media, including people with bad intentions who may harm, cheat or defraud your child unknowingly. Scammers who swindle personal information and steal confidential data such as bank details, hack into bank accounts, cyberbully children, cheat, deceive, and get children addicted to and involved with harmful activities are all too common. There are a lot of dangers posed by the internet and social media, which makes it very important for parents and elders in society to teach kids how to be smart while using social media and never fall prey to these scams and predators.

Advice and Constant Reminders

You need to warn constantly and advise your children about what can go wrong while using social media and how to avoid it. You have to teach your child to act and think smart while using social media to avoid being victims of cybercrimes. It would help draw up a rough outline of the Do’s and Don’ts of social media to understand what is right and what is wrong. Sharing confidential details like bank and credit card details etc. should be a strict no-no. This would allow thieves to hack into their accounts and steal money without their knowledge. Also, children should be discouraged from chatting overboard with strangers who might seem kind on the outside but have bad intentions for them deep inside. Sharing photos, videos, and other information should be done cautiously, and it is best if shared only among close friends. Constantly advising and warning your kid about the dangers of social media will reinforce this advice in their minds and make them well-prepared on how to deal with such situations should they encounter them.

Share Experiences and Stories

Another thing that you could do is to educate your child about any latest news or updates where social media usage has led to the downfall of many lives with real-life examples and scenarios. We often hear real cases of leaked photos over social media, suicide caused due to cyberbullying and pyramid schemers tricking unsuspecting youngsters. Do not just listen to these stories and keep to yourself. Share them with your children so that they are aware of what can go wrong while using social media, and be more mindful and smarter on social media.

Sign up For Awareness Programs

Further, many awareness programs, camps, and community projects focus on safe social media usage. These programs are usually conducted by subject matter experts who have significant knowledge and first-hand experience in dealing with social media threats. Enrolling your child in such programs and projects will provide them with an opportunity to get a better insight on how to be smart about social media and steer clear of any threats or hazards.

Final thoughts

Discussed above are some of the most common and practical ways that you can adopt to teach your kids to be smart about social media and avoid falling prey to online scams, cyberbullying, and other harmful activities. We hope these methods outlined above will make your kid more aware and assertive when using social media the right way.

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