How to Inculcate the Habit of Reading in Students?
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How to Inculcate the Habit of Reading in Students?

“When I was your age, I would read almost the whole night…”

“All the English classics were in my book rack, and I would always read them!”

Many parents think that such lines would encourage them to read. But, unfortunately, they are wrong! You cannot make your child interested in reading by shaming him or her. Knowing that you were better than your child, in no way encourages them to become better. As a parent, your child looks to you for support rather than as competition.

Imagine if you would hear this from an elder. Would you be inspired to read?

Reading is a matter of interest and choice. It would be best if you aroused your child's interest in reading, and gradually, it will become his or her habit to read. But how to do that? Read the easy tips in the following, and you will know how:

So, what can you do?

Daily Reading

From the very first day, when your child starts learning the alphabet, provide them with little books that they can read. Even if he reads a little, let him try. Let him access his book and read it with you or alone.

Reading by Choice

Ask your child to pick a book to read. For this, you can take him to a bookshop when you want to make a selection. Also, public libraries are the best places for your child to get interested in reading. Take him to the section where books are his age and ask him to pick anyone for reading.

Reading Hours

You can pick some special hours of the day for reading. For example, experts have suggested bedtime reading is the best thing to do. Other times can also be a great choice according to your daily schedule.

Rereading Favourite Books

Some books are of particular interest to kids. But, of course, every child's taste is different, and when you find your child is deeply interested in a book, allow him or encourage him to reread it.

Set an Example

Do you also read a lot? If not, start today. When parents do something, their children find it interesting, and they happily follow their parents. So, pick a book and read whenever you have time, and if you find something interesting, share it with your child!

The above methods are all practiced by Premia Academy, and each of them brought the best results!

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