Guide to choosing the best CBSE school in Hyderabad
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Guide to choosing the best CBSE school in Hyderabad

Choosing the best CBSE school in Hyderabad might feel like a mountainous task but it is also a necessary one that will shape the future of the children. Unlike earlier times, we have a lot of options to choose from. It is not just about the different schools and the facilities they offer but also about the multiple curriculums that are taught across the globe. To help you make an informed choice, here is a proper guide to choosing the best CBSE school in Hyderabad.

Aspects to consider when choosing the best CBSE international school in Hyderabad


When you wish to choose the best CBSE school in Hyderabad, you should have the list of best options with you, it is always advisable to consider the location. Having a school closer to your home, or at least within a shorter distance ensures ease of commute, which will help in the long run.

Academic Excellence

The best CBSE international schools in Hyderabad are known for their innovative teaching methods that help kids think creatively and strategically in the long run. Such schools provide the space for students to be active participants in a well-structured learning atmosphere. To find the best among the many CBSE schools, you should do an ample amount of research to understand their experience, academic achievements, and other details. You must look for a school with proper academic excellence and a strong record of merits. The academic quality of the school will directly impact the academic career of your kid.

Qualified Teachers

This quality goes without saying. The CBSE school you pick for your child must have expert and experienced faculty on board. Proper guidance from a qualified teacher will not only help kids academically but also make them like the process of learning and studying, which is quite crucial.

Holistic Development

Oftentimes, many schools focus heavily on academics which may impact the child’s overall development. As future individuals of society, there is so much more than academics that the education in a school should include. When choosing a school, you must check for a holistic development opportunity that encompasses many activities like art and sports.


A school’s infrastructure is more important than you think. The atmosphere of a learning environment will influence the education of a kid. The child can explore and learn in a better environment with spacious classrooms and equipped labs. The best CBSE schools in Hyderabad provide well-equipped libraries, a myriad of sports facilities, an expansive auditorium, and much more to enhance children’s learning environment and educational experience.


Though we’re discussing it after several other factors, the importance of the safety and security of the student precedes every other factor that needs to be considered. The safety and well-being of a student are important and can be understood based on factors like well-maintained facilities, caring staff, and security measures. So a school that prioritizes and understands the necessity for the safety of a child is the one that’s best for your child.

Digital Education

The whole world is going digital, with companies across businesses focusing on digital transformation. This change makes technological integration and utilization of digital services a major aspect in schools that focus on improving education. For instance, smart classrooms with smart projectors or even computer labs make space for effective learning. It’s important to understand that the future will be powered by technology and utilizing it in educational practices will help in the growth of smarter students.


When you think about the other factors, it is advisable not to ignore the affordability quotient. Fees are an important factor that will help you decide on a school that’s best for your child. Most other factors will guide you in finding the best CBSE international schools in Hyderabad but finding a school that provides affordable education, that has flexible fee plans and scholarships is the school that may be the best for your child.

Co-curricular Importance

As we discussed earlier, a well-rounded education is what will help your child learn more and explore more. It is here the importance a school gives to co-curricular activities plays a major role. You must find a school that encourages children to go beyond the textbooks and also engage and pursue co-curricular activities that let them learn more about life and gain a different exposure.


This decision to choose a school impacts the kid’s education in multiple ways. The above-mentioned factors will help you narrow down the options and find the CBSE school that’s best suited for your kid and meets all your requirements. The Premia Academy is one of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad located in Attapur. With a focus on providing the best facilities and top-class education, the school’s vision is to help students learn beyond the four walls of a classroom. Powered by a belief that co-curricular activities aren’t an extra but a learning experience in itself, it provides a wonderful educational platform to learn and grow.

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