Extracurricular Activities and College Admissions: Why are They Inseparable?
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Extracurricular Activities and College Admissions: Why are They Inseparable?

When children are about to graduate from high school, parents become overwhelmed with the anticipation of knowing they attend the best colleges. But did you know that your kids stand a better chance at getting a good college admission if their profile has an extracurricular activity backing them up?

Involvement in extracurriculars plays a crucial role in prepping kids for college life, and you’ll find that most institutions don’t focus on academic excellence alone. As much as your kids shine in class, their performance outside the classroom adds significant weight to their chances of landing the college of their dreams.

Often, when evaluating college applications, admissions officers look at various things, from test scores, grades, to extracurricular activities. The latter is among the most important "soft determinants" that any college considers. Therefore, your kids must be strategic about how they participate in extracurricular activities.

Why Do College Admissions Also Consider Extracurricular Activities?

Unveil the hidden skills and talents

Contrary to the opinion that extracurricular involvement is a way for students to make their resumes look magnificent, it also plays a significant role in students knowing themselves better.

Extracurriculars give students the chance to partake in initiatives and clubs of their interests, develop their skills, discover new talents, and excel at time management and organization. These important life skills will play a great role in preparing kids for their college life and career paths.

Demonstrate leadership and initiative

Extracurricular activities have a way of unveiling the leadership traits a student possesses, which is why college admission officers focus a lot on them. Colleges are always after students who will leave a long-lasting impression on their institution and raise their flag even higher. Such students can only be identified through their participation in extracurricular activities.

Exposure to the outside world

High school students are also human beings, not academic robots. Colleges understand that it’s unrealistic to gauge a student based on their academics alone. That's why looking at other life-related perimeters gives those students who aren’t academically sharp an opportunity to compete with their counterparts. Extracurricular activities offer another way to gauge a student’s abilities beyond the classroom setup.

The best way of making your kids see extracurriculars as fun and not stress on top of their academic responsibilities is to prepare them early; work closely with them even before they start high school. The Premia Academy, Attapur pays great attention to extracurricular activities.

Allow kids to embrace what they’re best at and they’ll take it all the way and make their resumes sparkle when college admission time is around the corner.

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