5 Ways Your Kid Can Benefit From Using The Internet And Social Media
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5 Ways Your Kid Can Benefit From Using The Internet And Social Media

The internet and social media have opened doors to many opportunities that were only a mere dream many years ago. Although most often, parents view the internet and social media as a hindrance or harm to their kids, it is not always the case. The internet and social media have a major impact on our lives, especially on our kids born into this modern era.

The next time you catch your kid surfing the internet or using social media, do not always view it as a hazard but rather think back on why they are using it and what they stand to gain from it. The internet is an ocean of knowledge, and social media is a great way to connect, collaborate and educate oneself. And as a parent, depriving your child of these opportunities doesn’t sound too great. If you still remain unconvinced, let us enlighten you on five ways your kid can benefit from using the internet and social media.


The internet and social media greatly aid self-learning. Google always has a solution or answer to the curious mind, and of course, the world online is a deep sea of knowledge. Gone are the days when learning was done in a classroom by a teacher or by reading books. Your kid can easily read up anything and everything under the sun online. And that is not all. They can follow online courses, study sessions, and pre-recorded lectures and educational programs over the internet and learn by themselves. Social media also allows your kid to connect and collaborate with people across the globe, and this, in turn, will help your child get a deeper insight into numerous and diverse people, cultures, lifestyles, and news happening from every nook and corner of the world.

Distance Learning:

The internet and social media allow for distant learning where they can learn any topic they are interested in from global experts. The pandemic has proven this. At The Premia Academy, Attapur, we turn to technology to ensure that continuity of learning is seamless. Gone are the days when parents had to worry about the commute, time and travel costs, and other practical difficulties in ensuring that their child has access to first-class education and a chance to learn from global experts. Many websites, dedicated online education providers, and social media sites allow your kids to learn from the best of the best global experts. And of course, the best part is it is quite affordable and convenient as they can learn from the comfort of their own home.

Helps To Stay Updated:

The internet and social media are a great way to stay updated with the latest news and trends, and to be honest, don’t we all use social media for our regular news updates? Of course, yes. It is no longer such that the press was the fastest to release new and interesting news. It is now done online, where the news can be shared instantly across the globe. International schools like The Premia Academy with curriculums like IB and IGCSE encourage staying aware through ICT, the reason being that the ability to always stay updated with the trending news and updates from across the globe helps your kids be well aware of what is happening worldwide. It also draws their attention and interest to different events, happenings, and occurrences, educating them and improving their knowledge on diverse topics.

Golden Opportunities:

The internet and social media open doors to many golden opportunities for children nowadays, allowing them to learn more, develop new skills and passions, and even find a passive income source. The internet offers great learning opportunities with the introduction of online courses, pre recorded lectures, informative videos, educational blogs and infographics, and the list goes on. Even at The Premia Academy, an international school with a modern school of thought, we try to keep the spirit of learning alive with our hands-on learning program. Education is not the only opportunity that is offered with the use of the internet and social media. It also helps them to meet new people and stay connected with friends and family. During the pandemic where physical meetups are not possible, staying connected online will help them improve their social skills and uplift their mental health and wellbeing. The internet and social media also provide kids, especially teenagers, to work remotely and earn a passive income. Besides, they can also make a career out of their passions, such as blogging, vlogging, digital marketer, etc.thanks to the internet and social media availability. Apart from this, there are many other opportunities that the internet and social media can offer to your child.

Good Networking Skills:

Social media and the internet is also great for networking as it provides a good platform for your child to make new friends and stay in touch with friends and family regardless of the time and distance. That is not all. It also allows your child to interact, collaborate and network with people from anywhere in the world, which helps them build good relationships and improve social skills. It also allows them to connect with different people and exchange ideas and information to assist them in the learning and development process. Good networking skills is an essential skill that every child will require at all stages in life and the internet, and social media is a good place to learn and develop those skills starting from an early age.

On A Closing Note

Explored above are some of the ways how your child can benefit from using the internet and social media. There are many other advantages associated with such platforms but do keep in mind that excessive usage or improper usage of social media and internet may do more harm than good. But that should not be an argument to restrict all access to the internet and social media for your child because then they would lose out on a lot out there.

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