5 Ways School Kids Benefit from Playing Sports
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5 Ways School Kids Benefit from Playing Sports

Do you often sink in worries about your child’s attitude and social skills? Do you think you should get your child more books to read and learn?

Your worries are genuine but….

Books add more to the existing knowledge base of your child, no doubt. Sports take your kids beyond knowledge to the real world of skills and behavior!

For a moment, think of playing soccer or basketball or cricket. These sports contain the excitement, competition, team spirit, and require patience, persistence, practice at all times.

Today’s child needs to play sports more than any time before. Providing children suitable environment and equipment to participate in outdoor activities helps them in many ways. They develop a wide range of skills that benefit them throughout their lives.

Sports are not only a source of entertainment only but also a great method to boost a child’s abilities. His/Her cognitive function becomes better, and he/she develops positive social behavior.

Below are the 5-valuable ways kids benefit from playing a sport:


Children build strong confidence from participating in sports. Constructive criticism, cheers of fellow friends, greetings, and winning situations boost their self-esteem.

Social Skills

Playing sports allows children to learn social interaction and sportsmanship! They learn to accept the victory of their opponent. By representing their communities, they become socially aware. Responding positively towards team rivalries strengthens their social relations. Also, they do not get disappointed after losing a match.

Physical Fitness

Undoubtedly, sports make children physically active and fit. Children who spend their free time playing sports their weight and body mass improve. Even the physical appearance enhances, and they learn to push their limits.

Higher Grades

Sports have a huge positive impact on cognitive function. Students who play active sports like soccer, football, or skateboard perform almost 10 percent better than the students who stay busy in sedentary activities like playing video games, watching TV, etc.

Three Ps

Patience, persistence, and practice are great values that become a part of children’s personalities when they play sports regularly. These values help them learn the importance of working hard and pursue a goal with persistence.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills enhance children's abilities greatly. A child learns leadership skills from being a team member. He gradually works to climb the ladder of team posts until he becomes his team leader one day. He starts as a team member, and with his appropriate behavior reaches the post of a team captain, and then, a team leader.

Engaging children in sports and selecting schools where they can engage in both academics and extracurricular activities can help them manage their time, set priorities, and broaden their view of the world. Premia Academy encourages students to participate in sports and extracurricular activities.

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