5 Essential Creative School Activities for Every Child
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5 Creative activities that should be a part of every kid's life during schooling

Kids love to learn; they can learn quickly and understand processes when allowed to explore. Therefore, it is easy to find creative ways so they can learn at school. Kids need to grow through activities and not just academics. In this article, we will list a few creative activities that should be considered for kids aged 3 to 7 during school. Learn more about the Best CBSE school in Hyderabad that provides for a conducive environment towards creative learning.

1) Dice Game

Dice is a game that teaches mathematical activities, it can be played with different tools and items that will ensure the kid's interest.

You will need a tray, some game dice, some tissue, and a board marker. Nowadays many kids are interested in dice games that represent events like snake and ladder, jumps, and many others. These dice boards should be something fun and interesting for kids.

Why should children learn Dice games?

Dice games are great for arithmetic skills; they will help them learn basic math’s like addition, subtraction, and multiplications which will help them excel at academics as well. Learning at The Premia Academy International located in Attapur integrates fun in teaching practices.

2) Kids scrabble

This game is similar to the regularly known scrabble, but some are specially designed for kids. Playing the scrabble is easy, the words are already printed on the board, the kids just need to match the letters on their tile with the letters on the scrabble board. The board can have an interesting design to make it more exciting for the kid. You should also allow groups and teams while playing

Why should they learn to play Scrabble?

It teaches improved vocabulary.

3) Craft Box

Craft boxes can come in handy for kids who are trying to explore their creativity; it is a great way for them to improve their imagination and then learn to create that image. They can end up drawing different things like garden scenes, playgrounds, etc.

Why should they learn how to use Craft Boxes?

It improves their imagination and helps them access their creativity.

4) Squeeze paint

Squeeze paint is also another great opportunity for kids to improve their creativity, allowing them to squeeze different color glue and draw out patterns on the white paper will help them improve their imaginative thought process, some kids will first try and then get their minds open for a more improved outcome after the use of their first work.

Why should they use squeeze paint?

Helps kid to learn more about art, creativity, and color

5) Drawing with oil pastels

This is a fun activity for children, although it is not only limited to children. Oil pastel painting is very stimulating, and kids can have great fun doing this activity. They will be able to draw out their imaginations in various shapes on a canvas while filling it in multiple ways. You will need oil pastel, baby oil, cotton buds and drawing paper to put this activity together for them.

Why they should learn to draw with oil pastel

This activity will help children improve with design thinking and also develop their imaginative thinking. This form of creative education is now being employed at Best CBSE schools in Hyderabad that focuses more on improving imaginative thinking than simply imparting knowledge. This activity will help children improve their thinking and develop their imagine thinking this is a fun activity for children

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